If there is one thing that we are sure is a trend in 2023, it is to create cosy and warm spaces in homes. This means choosing the right lighting for each area, taking into account the needs and style of each one of them. In the magazine El Mueble, we have already talked about the trends that are making a difference in 2023 in terms of lighting, and from Luz Vintage we emphasize 6 of them.

Eco-chic lamps

Luz cálida de lámpara de techo natural
Fawke pendant ceiling lamp - Luz Vintage

Sustainability and respect for nature is one of society’s priorities in recent years, which is why interior design is focusing on natural materials such as the raffia and linen of the Fawke model, to illuminate spaces in a sustainable way. These lamps, thanks to their designs, bring a rustic style to the rooms.

Industrial style

The industrial style continues to gain strength this year, especially in the mix of contrasts between the colours gold and matt black. The Dakari ceiling lamp adds elegance and creates a modern aesthetic while adapting to the most classic environments. The variety of shapes and adaptability of this type of lighting makes them the most versatile option for your home.

Lámpara de techo vintage cilindro negro y dorado
Industrial style pendant lamp Dakari - Luz Vintage

Light and shadow effects

Geometric shapes not only emit functional light, but also create attractive visual effects thanks to the light and shadows they create. The most prominent are the spheres. The Dayro model or the ludmila model are perfect for a more modern style.

Lámpara colgante de estilo moderno
Dayro pendant lamp - Luz Vintage
modelo ludmila de luz vintage
Ludmila pendant lamp - Luz Vintage

The warmth of wood

Natural wood never goes out of fashion. The texture and warmth of this material gives a cosy feel to the room. In addition, it combines with a variety of decorative styles, from rustic to modern, depending on the style and versatility of the lampshades. Elin is the ideal piece from the firm Luz Vintage to give your living room that more rustic style.

You can find the perfect floor lamp thanks to the tips in our last blog post.

Floor lamp Elin - Luz Vintage


Large lamps, whether pendants, floor lamps or even table lamps as a decorative element. Give that minimalist style room a bold touch with Luz Vintage’s matilda collection. Dajor‘s custom-made lighting allows for a range of designs to suit any environment.

lampara de suspension vintage matilda
Circular ceiling lamp Matilda- Luz Vintage
Luz colgante matilda de tubos de cristal
Ceiling pendant lamp Matilda - Luz Vintage

`Touch of colour

Lámpara colgante de techo rosa Cirano - Luz Vintage

Bright colours are a trend this year. In interior decoration is no exception, especially at this time of year when bright colours give a much more cheerful and lively air to any room in your home. The Cirano lamp in pink is perfect for adding a touch of joy and elegance to your living room or bedroom.

This 2023, take a risk and experiment with some of these trends to personalise and bring life to your spaces.

If you have any questions or need advice on lighting or vintage lamps, you can contact our team of experts by email info@luzivntage.es or by visiting our online storewww.luzvintage.es.

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