At the prestigious Hotel Meliá Isla Canela in Huelva, lighting plays a crucial role in creating an elegant and welcoming atmosphere for its guests. The recent installation of our lamps in the hotel lobby has transformed this space into a place of sophistication and comfort, combining modern design with handcrafted touches.

Dustin Model: Elegance and Versatility

To illuminate the hall of the Hotel Meliá, we have chosen our Dustin model in different sizes and finishes. This floor lamp stands out for its rope finish, which gives it a rustic and natural touch that contrasts beautifully with the modern environment of the hotel. The different dimensions allow a unique versatility, adapting perfectly to different corners of the hall, from rest areas to transit areas.

The choice of the Dustin model not only provides warm and pleasant lighting, but also adds a distinctive decorative element. The combination of the handcrafted, rustic style with the surroundings creates an aesthetic that is both contemporary and welcoming, providing an ambience that invites guests to relax and enjoy the space.

lamparas de pie cuerda estilo rustico
Dustin floor lamp in different sizes and finishes

Wall Sconces: Functionality and Style

Along with the Dustin floor lamps, Edwin wall lights with brass arm and opal glass ball have been installed in the hotel lobby. These wall lights not only provide ambient lighting, but also become a focal point due to their striking and elegant design. The finish of this design and its shape contrast perfectly with the rest of the lighting fixtures.

aplique de pared de diseño en dorado
Elegant wall light Edwin

Table lamp for the reception

In addition, our Christopher mushroom domed table lamp in brass finish has been incorporated into the reception area. These lamps add a touch of elegance and sophistication, with their distinctive design and golden sheen adding an air of luxury. The mushroom dome diffuses the light softly and evenly, creating a cosy and refined ambience. 

lampara de mesa seta en efecto laton
Christopher table lamp

The combination of these lighting models creates a visual harmony in the lobby of the Hotel Meliá de Huelva, highlighting the attention to detail and commitment to quality in every aspect of the interior design. The choice of our lamps not only enhances the functionality of the space, but also reinforces the hotel’s identity as a place of luxury and comfort.

In short, our brand’s lighting has contributed significantly to elevating the guest experience at the Hotel Meliá de Huelva, making the lobby a truly special place.

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