At Luz Vintage we like to be update with the latest trends in vintage design lamps and lighting. Today, we bring you our newest design lighting for summer and tips to illuminate your home or business with elegance and vintage touches.

As a trend in interior design stand out, lamps with natural fibers, especially in hanging lamps. Wall sconces with simple designs and metallic finishes. For table lamps and floor lamps, decorative sculptures and very warm light. The Asian-Oriental inspiration is also strong as a trend: with mixed and messy cables and fabric lanterns with warm light imitating the typical paper garlands of the little towns in the Asian movies.

At Luz Vintage we have a collection of vintage ceiling lamps with natural fiber lampshades. With the combination of different types of fabric to create design lamps as unique as the Farley, Erwin and Fawke lamps.

The Farley ceiling lamp, for example, is a combination of raffia and cattail with red velvet patches. Velvet provides a very elegant touch of color to create a contrast with the soft texture of the natural fibres. Also, the light effect through the cattail fabric is really impressive. These ceiling lamp is ideal to create warm and pleasant environments thanks to the dome shape of the lampshade that diffuses the light and projects it downwards.

lámpara colgante vintage terciopelo rojo
Farley ceiling lamp with linen, raffia and velvet patches
lampara colgante vintage de techo con parces de tela de luz vintage
Farley ceiling lamp with linen, raffia and velvet patches

The Erwin vintage pendant lamp has sphere-shaped design with a small opening at the bottom. The lampshade is made up of sections of linen and raffia fabric. The linen patches let in more light, while the raffia creates a highly original play of light. This vintage ceiling lamp is available in different diameters. This pendant lamp works with an E27 lampholder LED bulb and a GU10 spotlight. For this reason, this lamp is ideal for lighting tables in the living room or in a  restaurant.

lámpara de techo forma esférica modelo erwin de luz vintage
Erwin vintage pendant lamp, spherical lampshade with spotlight
lámpara de techo vintage de Luz Vintage con pantalla de lino y rafia
Vintage beige linen and raffia shade ceiling lamp

The Fawke vintage ceiling lamp with its overlapping lampshade design is one of the trendiest lamps this season: it retains a classic and timeless design combined with raffia. The garnet trim gives it a very elegant touch of color. It is a pendant lamp specially designed to hang on high and wide ceilings. The lampshades create a very pleasant sensation of home warmth. The raffia shades filters the light and helps to distribute it through the openings at the top and bottom of the lampshade. It is available in three different sizes, but always designed for very high ceilings.

lámpara colgante vintage tres pantallas lino y rafia
Vintage ceiling lamp with three lampshades in linen, raffia and maroon trim
lámpara de techo vintage colección luz vintage con pantalla
Oversized Fawke pendant light with three bespoke fabric shades

These small lamps with a simple but very beautiful design are inspired by the paper lanterns from Chinese culture, with the difference that in the Luz Vintage we have replaced the paper lampshade with a linen shade. Imperfections in the fabric and messy cables provide a modern and industrial design. The vintage lantern pendant lamp Faver by Luz Vintage produces a very warm and pleasant light thanks to beige linen lampshade, ideal for creating this type of atmosphere that invites you to relax. We have a wide catalog of fabrics, you can modify the lampshade of the Fever lanterns with the fabric you want. They are also available in various sizes.

lámpara farolillo vintage pantalla a medida de tela de lino
Vintage lantern linen lampshade by Luz Vintage
faroles vintage lámparas colgantes iluminación con pantallas de lino
Vintage Faver Vintage Linen Lantern Ceiling Lamp
Lámpara de techo vintage farolillo asiático luz cálida
Pendant lamp lantern fabric lampshade warm light

Our Dalton wall light stands out for its simple design in the shape of a cylinder made from a single sheet of metal. It can be placed both vertically and horizontally. The cylindrical lampshade, which is not completely closed, allows light to pass through the two openings and from the side. These wall sconce are exclusively for interior use and work with LEDs. We recommend use a warm light bulb (2200k – 2700k) to get a most spectacular light effect. Remember that this type of wall lamps act as complementary lighting, we recommend complement the lighting with technical ceiling lights.

lámpara de pared interior vintage diseño minimalista
Vintage satin brass wall light
aplique de pared interior vintage acabado latón envejecido
Vintage wall light with spectacular light effect
aplique de pared vintage interior acabado latón envejecido
Vintage wall light minimalist design - Dalton

Trends in vintage table lamps and floor lamps are to turning these lighting classics into a sculpture and essential decoration for a home or business, complementing its basic function as a lamp. For example, Fane table lamp in an aged brass finish is made up of a metal mesh lampshade that  creates a beautiful light and shadow effects. The solid base prevents the lamp from swinging and resists unintentional shocks.

lámparas de mesita de noche vintage en acabado latón
Vintage table lamp aged brass finish - Fane
lámpara de mesa vintage acabado latón envejecido
Vintage Fane Bedside Lamp

Remember that almost all Luz Vintage lamps have a decorative and design function. If you want to illuminate a business such as a restaurant or a hotel, the ideal is for them to be accompanied by a technical lighting installation. If you have any questions, ask our experts.

At Luz Vintage we are experts and specialists in vintage lamps and lighting. As we are manufacturers, we can modify the finish and the measurements of all our vintage lighting catalogue. All these lamps are available in our online store Ask us conditions and special discounts for professionals. For any questions you can write to

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