At Luz Vintage we are experts in vintage lamps and, but we also have vintage letters and signs with integrated LED lighting, as well as a collection of personalized vinyl glass ball lamps.
Personalized vintage signs with integrated led light are perfect for lighting businesses such as bars, restaurants, shops, offices… or even for lighting, decoration and organization of events.

cartel vintage route 66 con iluminacion led integrada
Rótulo vintage Route 66 con led cálido integrado
carteles americanos con tiras de led integradas de luz vintage
Rótulo vintage con led integrado personalizable

A very original way of lighting a business: at Luz Vintage we have posters to hang, to rest on the floor or even with a wall mount. Luz Vintage’s illuminated signs are made with a white methacrylate diffuser that serves to diffuse the light and thus avoid unnecessary glare. They work with LED strips integrated into the light itself, however, we can also integrate a frame of LED bulbs around it, which will provide a very vintage air inspired by Hollywood dressing rooms. We can modify the temperature of the LED strips and customize the design with your company logo or with the lettering you want.

cartel luminoso vintage con vinilo impreso y led integrado
Vintage vinyl sign integrated led
cartel con marco de luz chainsmokers lyrics
Sign with integrated led and a bulb frame
cartel retro led de luz vintage con letras viniladas de Luz Vintage
Methacrylate ceiling light with led and custom text

The cost of these signs is a little higher because the design is laser engraved directly onto a metal plate, but it is worth it for the incredible result. These posters can be made to any size and with a completely custom design. These signs also include LED integrated strips  into the same wall light and can be hung on the wall. The metallic gray chrome finish provides a modern and futuristic design while the brass effect gives a more elegant and vintage result. Ask us about the possibility of making the letters in three dimensions. The sign will be even more spectacular.

We can change the color of the light of the LED tablets. If you like the modern look, combine metallic gray with cold blue light. If you are more of a vintage style, we suggest a brass-gold effect finish with warm amber light.

cartel cromado cortado al laser con pastillas de led integradas
Laser engraved metal sign witg integrated led strip
rótulo recortado al láser con led integrado luz cálida
Laser vintage sign with warm led strips

The base is made of methacrylate that can be vinyled in any color. It provides a highly original retro finish. Although the lighting looks like neon, it’s actually strips of LEDs that seems neon. Both the labeling and the color of the LED strips can be customized. Write to If you are a fan of the eighties, these signs will be a movie in your home or business. They are not only great to place in a bar, restaurant… in a bedroom or a game room they will also look spectacular.

cartel con tubo de led imitación neón rgb
Retro sign with neon imitation LED light
cartel retro imitacion neon de luz vintage
Vintage neon imitation LED tube sign

At Luz Vintage we have metal molds for the entire alphabet with a support to hang from the wall or with a base to stand on the floor. The number of bulbs will depend on the size and shape of the letter, but don’t worry because you won’t lose the vintage design and you won’t have to use incandescent bulbs. You can fit LED bulbs with imitation vintage filament: they will produce the same warm amber light and with a filament imitating that of classic bulbs, but without losing the advantages offered by Led technology, more efficient, long-lasting and sustainable.

The metal base offers resistance and durability to the letter, so you can use it with complete peace of mind for a business such as a restaurant, retail… lighting it every day or reusing it for different events. Remember that we can build any letter or word. Write to requesting more information.

letra metálica vintage con bombillas led iluminación vintage
Vintage metal letter with base and vintage LED bulbs
aplique pared vintage interior letra con bombillas vintage
Metal letter for wall with vintage light bulbs

We also make vinyl prints on glass balls lamps. A very original way to illuminate a place, a business, a restaurant or a boutique is with wall sconces with a vinyl glass ball with the logo of the establishment. We print both in black and white and in color, in hanging lamps, wall sconces, banners… For more information, consult our website:

aplique de pared vintage bola de cristal opal con vinilo impreso
Vintage wall sconces with vinyl glass balls

At Luz Vintage we are experts in vintage lamps and lighting and in personalized vintage light signs and posters. For more information, consult our website or send us an email to

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