For interior design, good lighting is important to accompany the rest of the elements in harmony. That’s why here we present the lighting trends for 2024. In addition, we accompany these trends with lamps from our online lighting shop, Luz Vintage. 

1. Organic designs and natural fibres

The year 2024 will see the rise of lighting designs inspired by nature. Flowing, organic shapes, inspired by elements such as leaves and branches, will take centre stage in lamps and luminaires. An example of this style is the Jessica Lamp by Luz Vintage. These designs seek to create a visual connection with nature, introducing a sense of harmony and tranquillity into our spaces. As well as the use of natural fibres and materials such as the Flynn lamp

lampara colgante de laton ovalada de diseño
Jessica lamp
lampara dorada por formas orgánicas
Living room lamp
lampara de techo grande con fibras naturales
Flynn lamp

2. The sustainability of LEDs

The LED revolution continues to evolve, and in 2024, sustainability meets LED technology. Enery efficient luminaires, with a variety of design options. At Luz Vintage we have a catalogue of vintage bulbs. This allows users to customise the lighting according to their needs. This fusion of efficiency and customisation highlights the importance of a smarter, greener approach to lighting.

bombilla led imitación filamento
LED bulb vintage imitation

3. Crystal chandeliers

Elegance and sophistication are embodied in crystal chandeliers. In 2024, we will see designs that use crystals in innovative ways, reflecting light in unique ways and creating stunning visual effects. We will find them in wall sconces such as the Damaris wall lamp or table lamps in different effects such as the Floyd lamp, among others. These lamps not only illuminate, but also become pieces of art that elevate the aesthetics of any space.

apliques de pared con dos bolas de cristal rayado y union de metal
Damaris striped balls wall lamp
lampara de mesa vintage con cristal gris fumé estilo retro de luz vintage
Floyd smoked table lamp

4. Terracotta colours

lampara colgante mitación cerámica estilo rústico terracota
Terracotta coloured kitchen - Daniela lamp

The terracotta colour palette is taking over lamps and interior design in general in 2024. Warm, earthy tones are integrated into luminaires to create cosy atmospheres full of personality. This trend brings warmth to spaces, highlighting the importance of lighting in creating pleasant atmospheres. The Daniela lamp is a perfect choice for a terracotta style in any space.

5. Touch lighting

Interactivity merges with lighting through touch lamps. The ability to control the light with simple touches adds value to the piece. This trend reflects the importance of convenience and accessibility in contemporary lighting design. At Luz Vintage some of our table lamps work with Dimmer Touch technology, which has the facility of USB charging. 

lampara con bateria y pantalla de tela de luz vintage
Nadia lamp
lampara sobremesa forma seta en laton de luz vintage
Charles lamp
lampara de mesa retro con flecos con luz vintage
Nadia lamp

Lighting trends for 2024 range from organic designs to tactile lamps. We will illuminate our spaces in a conscious and stylish way – get ready to see the future shine with these exciting lighting trends! Visit the dajor website to see our bespoke projects. Or follow us on social media for all the latest news. 

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