As you know, at Luz Vintage we like to be up-to-date with trends in lighting and decoration. We love that you tell us about your favorite vintage lamps. For this reason, today we show you some trendy lamps on interior design this season: they are lamps made with natural fibers, in this case, with enea fibers. Natural fiber lamps are trendy this season. Increasingly we are looking for more timeless, durable and enduring and ecological furniture. Lamps and furniture made of enea, wicker and rattan meet perfectly.

Enea fibers are obtained from the leaves of an aquatic plant (bulrush cattail) that grows in the Mediterranean area. Traditionally, the fibers were used to make boats, although today they are used to make  chairs, baskets, furniture and in our case: lamps. It is very common to find reed furniture and lamps in rustic, boho-chic or ethnic designs. The enea fabric became popular in the middle of the 20th century thanks to designers such as Lilly Reich or Mies van der Rohe.

Today at Luz Vintage we present our collection of vintage lamps and wall sconces made of enea fibers and fabrics.

It is a hanging ceiling lamp made with two enea lampshades finished in black. A classic enea fiber framework that creates this original design lamp. The lower shade is divided into two parts to let in light. This wall lamp works with an E27 lampholder with LED bulb. We recommend using an amber glass bulb to multiply the effect of warmth.

lampara de techo vintage pantalla enea
Egan Hanging Lamp - 01/C511
lámpara vintage enea pantalla
Egan Hanging Lamp - 01/C511

Another of the lamps that will be a trend this season: a combination of a classic with the trend of natural fibers. The black lampshade is divided into two parts to allow light to pass through. It is surrounded by the enea lampshade, which creates a most original play of light and shadow. It produces a very pleasant soft warm light

lampara de techo salon led
Efra ceiling lamp - 01/C510
lampara de recho vintage negra
Efra ceiling lamp - 01/C510

This ceiling lamp is ideal for boho-chic inspired interior design and decoration. The linen and cattail set provides a natural design in light tones that transmits peace, comfort and calm. Linen, both in its white and natural versions, allows light to pass through, slightly filtering it to avoid unnecessary glare. The sand and ocher colors delegate calm and harmony, which makes this lamp perfect for open spaces that invite comfort and relaxation.

lampara rustica de techo lino beige
Linen lampshade ceiling lamp Todore - 01/C372
lampara rustica de techo
Linen lampshade ceiling lamp Todore - 01/C372
lamparas rusticas techo pantalla lino
Linen lampshade ceiling lamp Todore - 01/C372
lampara de techo pantalla de lino
Linen lampshade ceiling lamp Todore - 01/C372

Another combination of different types of fabrics that make up a very elegant collection of design lamps. The Alessandro pendant lamp (also available as a table lamp) combines a black-edged raffia lampshade with a beige linen border and cattail decorations on the top.

lamparas de salon de techo
Alessandro hanging lamp - 01/C424
lampara de mesa vintage pantalla tela de colores
Alessandro table lamp - 01/M069
lampara de techo colgante fibras naturales
Alessandro hanging lamp - 01/C424

At Luz Vintage we also have for sale a series of wall sconces made with enea fibers. This is the case of this Bailán wall lamp, available in different diameters and sizes and with a simple and circular design in enea fibers. The gold dome LED bulb adds a very elegant touch to this original design.

lamparas de pared aplique vintage
Bailán wall light - 01/A289
apliques de pared vintage con bombillas led
Adal Wall Light - 01/A271
apliques pared vintage pantalla enea
Wall light Bailán - 01/A289

At Luz Vintage we always recommend the use of LED bubls, as it is much more efficient, sustainable and durable than the usual incandescent light. Remember that at Luz Vintage we are experts in lighting, vintage lamps and wall sconces, if you have any questions about enea natural fiber lamps, we will be happy to help you. Write us an email to If you are a professional in the sector, do not forget to request special conditions and discounts.

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