We present a new interior design project that has counted with the lamps of our online shop Luz Vintage, to illuminate the entire premises. In this post we will analyse in detail each of these luminaires and their function in the space. 

On entering we can see the two large-format lamps that illuminate the bar in a warm yellow colour. This is the Iris model with modifications in size, but maintaining the essence of the brass ring and the beige fringes. This lamp is inspired by the Golden Age, and produces the perfect lighting for retro vintage style premises.

Lampara colgante sobre la barra del pub
Iris pendant lamp
Lampara colgante de luz vintage con flecos para bar
Bar / pub lighting

In the centre of the pub is another large fringed piece. This cascading lamp with golden fringes follows the trend of the rest of the decoration. With a total height of 90cm and a spectacular warm light for the atmosphere. The Erik model is the luminaire of choice for this effect.

Lampara erik colgante de flecos cascada
XXL fringed lamp Erik

Finally, this Christofer lamp is made in a beautiful aged brass finish, with on-trend rounded shapes and a self-contained battery with dimmable LED light. This piece produces a warm light ideal for creating relaxed atmospheres and perfect for tables or bars in bars and restaurants.

lampara de mesa de laton
Charles table lamp
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