The vintage style is usually classified by decades, since it is inspired by the most remarkable features of each style according to the decade of the twentieth century in which it is inspired. Today, at Luz Vintage we bring you four lamps from our brand inspired by the 1920s.
Characterized for being a crazy, happy and rebellious time, but without losing elegance and sophistication: this styyle is chracterized by the golden tones, curved shapes and fringes, reminiscent of the Charleston dresses of the clubs. Another of its distinctive features is the extremely warm light, combined with noble materials like as velvet, dark wood and leather. As we have already mentioned, it is a rebellious and casual style, but without become rude or ordinary.
Today at Luz Vintage we present four models of vintage lamps inspired by the Happy 20s.

A very elegant lamp made with a 90cm diameter crown and several cascades of golden fringes hanging at different heights. It is inspired by dance clubs and dancers’ dresses, Iris is a perfect lamp to create elegant settings and atmospheres  with a certain touch of rebellion. An ideal ceiling lamp to illuminate stately bedrooms, boutiques, restaurants, receptions and halls…

lamparas de techo vintage iris
Vintage Iris lamp with golden fringes
lampra de techo vintage iris
Vintage ceiling lamp Iris by Luz Vintage
lampara de techo colgante iris
vintage iris lamp with crown
lampara colgante vintage iris de luz vintage
Vintage fringed waterfall iris ceiling lamp

A delicate indoor wall light made with a matt gold structure with four cylinders covering the warm led light bulbs, with the objective to generate an elegant light distribution. This vintage wall light is ideal for placing on columns or pillars. Carisia combines very well with dark tones and hard materials such as: black, hardwood, marble, leather or even stone. The gold finish multiplies the effect of light and stands out above dark colors.

tatel madrid restaurante decoracion
Restaurant illuminated with Carisia wall sconces
tatel madrid aplique dajor
Carisia wall light by Luz Vintage combined with brown leather Chéster
aplique luz vintage iluminado
Carisisa vintage wall light
aplique de pared carisia de luz vintage
Carisia vintage wall light

In furniture, we can take advantage of the elegance of a Chéster, or velvet, in this way it will provide a noble and manly touch, recreating the smoking rooms and country clubs of the early 20th century. Along with the sofa, we can place a floor lamp with a classic fabric lampshade to complement the lighting.

We continue with the inspiration in the clubs and restaurants of the Happy 20s: To illuminate the tables, we would like to show you this cute little lamps in a satin brass finish, with a dome and with integrated LED strips. This vintage lamp is battery-powered so it doesn’t need to have a plug nearby to work. These lamps are perfect for creating warm environments with a touch of intimacy and mischief.

lampara de mesa de noche charles
Charles table lamp in satin brass
lampara de mesa vintage charles
Satin brass table lamp
lampara vintage de mesa dorada
Autonomous battery table lamp
lampara de mesa charles
Vintage Integrated LED Table Lamp

We can also give it a more formal use, and place this table lamp as a vintage office, thanks to its elegant design, this luminaire remember of the vintage movies benches. Charles table lamp matches with mustard and beige tones and materials such as white marble or velvet.

A classic design than the previous ones, but very elegant, with a more European style, Agilea is inspired by the vintage lights of the modernist palaces and mansions of Barcelona. These indoor wall light is ideal for lighting corridors or spiral staircases. For a more laid vibe, match this vintage wall light with lighter-toned wallpaper and exotic prints inspired by New Orleans jazz clubs.

luz vintage iluminacion
Agilea vintage wall light
aplique agilea vinatge de luz vintage
Agilea vintage interior wall light
aplique de interior vintage
Vintage wall sconce with glass lampshade
aplique de pared vintage agilea
Vintage wall lamp Agilea by Luz Vintage

At Luz Vintage we are specialists and experts in vintage lighting, if you have any questions about our lights or need a quote with rates for professionals, write us at and we will be happy to assist you.

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