Lighting is a fundamental aspect in the decoration of any home. It not only influences the functionality of each space, but also the atmosphere and the comfort it conveys. In this article, we share with you some recommendations on how to properly illuminate each room in your home, thus achieving a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Living room or dining room

The living room or dining room is the heart of the home, a place for gathering and relaxation. It is the room where you are likely to spend the most time, so it is important that it is a pleasant environment. To light it properly:

  • General lighting: Choosing a ceiling or pendant light is important to provide even light throughout the room.   
  • Ambient lighting: Floor or table lamps strategically placed in corners or next to sofas create a warm and cosy atmosphere.
  • Decorative lighting: You can add wall lights or picture lights to highlight those decorative highlights.  
Viviana lamp
lampara de pie en salon estilo clasico
Gael floor lamp
apliques de pared textil de luz vintage para salon
César wall sconce


The kitchen is a work area that requires good lighting. In this case we will choose:

  • General lighting: Recessed lights or a central ceiling light are ideal for uniform illumination.
  • Work light: LED lights that illuminate the worktop or sink.
  • Decorative light: If you also want to add a modern touch, LED strips can highlight certain features of your kitchen.
iluminacion led para cocina funcional
LED strips for kitchen


The bedroom should be a haven of rest and tranquillity, so it is important that it is a warm light that suits the moment:

  • General light: Opt for a ceiling light that provides soft, even illumination, this can be achieved with a ceiling or pendant lamp in the centre of the room.

  • Reading light: On your bedside table, add a table or wall lamp with a reading light.

  • Ambient light: To create a relaxing atmosphere, add a floor lamp in the corner of the bedroom.

lampara de techo moderna con bolas de cristal
Sagrari Lamp
aplique de pared foco lector, lampara de lectura para cabecero cama
Ilidia wall lamp with spotlight


The bathroom requires a combination of functionality and style:

  • General light: A moisture-resistant ceiling light is essential for uniform illumination. One idea for this type of lighting is portholes integrated into the ceiling.
  • Mirror light: Lights around or on either side of the mirror provide direct, shadow-free illumination, ideal for make-up and shaving.
aplique de pared estilo navy para baño
Apolo navy wall lamp

The right lighting in every room of your home not only improves the functionality of the spaces, but also transforms the ambience and overall comfort. Remember to combine different types of lighting (general, spot and ambient) to achieve a perfect balance and enjoy every corner of your home to the full. Light your home and feel the difference!

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