In Luz Vintage we were in charge of giving light with lighting pieces from our shop to the Lacabía Chamberí restaurant. In this article we rescue this project for a spectacular restaurant that offers a cuisine with traditional and seasonal products.

lacabia restaurante lamparas luz vintage

It opened in January 2020 with an impeccable interior design by Javier Erlanz. The establishment has a lounge, a large bar area, as well as a reserved area for events and private dining. The interior designer has managed to create an atmosphere of warmth thanks to the colours, furniture and also the lighting of Luz Vintage

Custom-made lampshades

Cylinder-shaped pendant lamp with fabric lampshades in natural finish. At Luz Vintage we offer the opportunity to create your lampshade from scratch. This way you can get the sizes and finishes you are looking for. 

lampara de techo personalizada pantalla tela

Wall sconces

aplique de pared con bolas opal

A modern touch thanks to the   Lys wall lights. An elegant wall lamp handcrafted in our workshop with a minimalist rectangular metal frame that houses two opal glass balls on a vertical strip. The combination of these elements is perfect for a modern touch to the room.

Tube wall lights and glass rods

First impact is crucial, especially when it comes to the dining experience. In this project, we focused on enhancing the entrance of the restaurant, creating a welcoming and sophisticated atmosphere from the moment diners walk through the door. To achieve this effect, we carefully chose our wall sconces, which not only fulfil their practical function but also act as works of art that enhance the aesthetics of the place.

aplique de pared exterior restaurante

Our wall sconces are designed with a unique combination of glass tubes and rods, providing a harmonious blend of modernity and classic elegance. The choice of these materials not only ensures durability and easy maintenance, but also creates a play of light and shadow that adds dimension and depth to the space. In creating this project, we focused not only on the functionality of the lighting, but also on the ability to transform a space into a memorable experience.

At Luz Vintage,

you will find a wide selection of wall sconces and other lighting accessories that can bring magic to your project. We are committed to providing lighting solutions that not only illuminate spaces, but also transform them into unique and welcoming places.

Thank you for joining us on this journey of design and elegance – until the next creative lighting!

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