In the world of interior design and decoration, every space has its own story to tell. On this occasion, we delve into a fascinating remodelling project of the BabyBe Woman. A physiotherapy and aesthetic centre designed especially for women and their babies. The essence of this place lies not only in medical care, but also in caring for the emotional well-being of mothers and their little ones.

The key to transforming this space into a cosy and elegant retreat was the choice of the right lighting. In collaboration with Luz Vintage, specialists in vintage style lamps, the Valerik pendant lamp, a design jewel in antique brass, was chosen.

lampara colgante laton envejecido
Lighting for the BabyBe Woman centre

The Valerik pendant lamp by Luz Vintage is the epitome of vintage elegance and charm. Made of antiqued brass, this piece brings a nostalgic yet contemporary touch to the space. Its handcrafted details and antiqued finish highlight the quality and attention to detail that characterise this lighting company.

The unique geometric shape of the lamp adds a visually intriguing element to the environment. The combination of soft, curved lines with the robust look of the aged brass creates a symphony of style that perfectly matches the concept of well-being and beauty that the centre represents.

Valerik pendant lamps

The choice of Valerik pendant lights by Luz Vintage for the refurbishment of this physiotherapy and aesthetic centre demonstrates not only a refined aesthetic sense, but also a conscious attention to functionality and the well-being of those who live there.

By combining the beauty of vintage design with the quality of lighting, this project achieves a perfect balance between aesthetics and function. The result is an oasis of health and well-being, where every detail, including the lighting, contributes to the creation of a space that invites relaxation and emotional connection.

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