Art galleries and museums win importance in the last two hundred years, with movements such as illustration. These works of art needs some light to exploit their maximum splendor.
At present, thanks to the possibilities and advances with LED, we can obtain a lighting study for each painting, photograph, sculpture, watercolor… We make it very easy for you: to illuminate paintings, watercolors, and oils use warm or neutral light (between 2700k – 4000k) for not to damage photography, use a light with a temperature higher than 3000k.
The design and function of the picture lights has made these classic wall sconces perfect not only for lighting pictures, but also for shelves, bookcases, living rooms, reading corners… to become an essential in vintage design and interior design. At Luz Vintage we have a wide range of vintage classic wall sconces of different sizes and finishes:

apliques de pared lampara de cuadros alumbracuadros negros
Black matte classic vintage wall sconce

The classic design of the wall lamp, in an elegant matt brass finish, matches very well with noble woods and gold details. If you like to give it a touch of color, bet on green (vegetation, plants…), ochre, earth and beige… and you will get an exotic, very natural and relaxed boho-chic air. With leather and dark wood you will get a masculine and elegant look.

The vintage wall light Amarilis is available in three different sizes: small (30cm), medium (60cm) and large (80cm). The smaller wall lamp works with two E14 candle Led bulbs, while the medium and large wall lamps work with four bulbs.

iluminacuadros vintage aplique pared patiné
Vintage wall lamp Amarilis in matte brass - medium
aplique pared vintage dorado patiné
Classic vintage wall sconce in matte brass - small
iluminacuadros vintage aplique pared patiné
Vintage wall sconce in matte brass - large

If you love Nordic or minimalist design, the same Amarilis interior wall light is available in a matte white finish. This color transmits calm, matche it with straight lines and simple designs. Chromatically, you can play with pinks, grays and light woods and in the textures, with frameworks, natural fibers and ceramics. Take advantage of natural light, essential in any Nordic design, in this way, the wall lamps will only be complementary lighting and you will save a lot on consumption.

This vintage interior wall light in a matt white finish from the Amarilis vintage lighting collection is available in Luz Vintage in three different sizes: small (30cm), medium (60cm) and large (80cm).

iluminacuadros vintage blanco mate
Interior vintage wall lamp in matte white Amarilis - medium
aplique de pared vintage interior blando mate
Matte white classic vintage wall sconce Amarilis - small
aplique de pared interior vintage lampara pared
Matte white vintage wall sconce Amarilis - large

At Luz Vintage you can also find the vintage wall light Amarilis in matte black finish, in three different sizes. Small (30cm), medium (60cm) or large (80cm). It works with two or four E14 LED candle bulbs. Remember always use LED bulbs, they are much more durable and ecological than incandescent traditional bulbs.

It is a very elegant finish with a more modern touch than the brass finish. It looks great in designs with a certain industrial touch: brick walls, on abstract paintings, polaroid or black and white photographs. Place the matte black wall light on a picture where the predominant color is black, in this way, the final effect will be very original.

apliques de pared interior vintage negro mate
Classic vintage wall lamp in matte black finish - medium
lámpara pared vintage iluminacuadros negros
Matte black Amrilis collection wall sconce - small
aplique de pared vintage interior negro mate
Wall lamp Amarilis in matte black finish - large

Are you looking for a wall light but you are not convinced by the classic designs? At Luz Vintage we have Daida wall sconce, a classic design, but with a modern touch. It is made with a pair of ball joints that allow the mobility of the lampshade. It is available in a brass effect finish and textured black.

It works with three E27 LED bulbs and is easy to install. In any case, for safety reasons, it is always advisable to ask an electrician and keep the leads off while you work on the installation.

aplique pared vintage interior dorado clasico
Brass effect wall sconce - Daida
iluminacuadros negro mate aplique interior vintage
Textured black finish wall lamp - Daida

Lamps with geometric designs have been trends in recent seasons, and we are still captivated by their modern shapes. The Maitane vintage wall light has geometric design and two ball joints that allow mobility of the lampshade. It is available in two different finishes: in elegant textured black and in a brass effect for vintage lovers.

aplique de pared interior diseño geométrico latón envejecido
Geometric wall lamp in brass finish - Maitane
aplique de pared vintage iluminacuadros negro geometrico
Textured black finish geometric wall lamp - Maitane

At Luz Vintage we are experts in vintage lamps  and wall sconces. We can modify the finish and measurements of our vintage lamps collection. Ask our Customer Service department at Remember to check conditions and special discounts for professionals.

Have you bought any of our wall sconces? Tag us on Instagram to see the final result.

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aplique de pared iluminacuadros vintage
Matte brann vintage classic wall sconce - Amarilis
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