Since CO-VID19, home decoration has become more essential than ever. We looking for comfort, tranquility and calm. A space to relax. Today, at Luz Vintage, we show you the country charm style, a decorative style that has been on the rise for a few seasons. It is inspired by the country houses of the French Provence and its endless fields of flowers and permanent spring freshness, but adapted to urban environments. It is gaining a lot of strength in England and France. It is characterized by being a homely style, where predominate peace, warmth and calm.

The main material is wood, combined with natural fabrics such as bamboo, rattan, cattail or raffia and soft textures with rustic touches: dark wood beams, rust finishes… Predominate neutral tones: beige, brown, sand, earth, broken white or pastel shades. With a touch of color in small decoration details: we can give brushstrokes of pink, lavender, blue, yellow or green on cushions, vases, curtains…

It is also important to highlight the presence of flowers as a source of inspiration for Provence. Natural flowers are always the best option, although they can also appear in prints on the wall paper, in cushions and curtains or even in photo frames.

lamparas de techo decoracion estilo country chic
living room with country charm decoration design

At Luz Vintage we show you some of our lamps to get that calm and tranquility of the country charm style. In lighting, bell or metal dome lamps stand out especially (thanks to the English industrial influence). If you want to stay completely faithful to country charm, choose natural fiber lamps. For wall sconces and bedside tables, classic fabric lampshades are one of the best options:

Vintage pendant lamps with a metal dome. These lamps are very typical of the industrial loft style. But, as the country charm has burst onto the English market, it has also acquired some influences, like as the use of these lamps. These are elegant designs lamps work very well in American kitchens, islands, bar counters… In our Luz vintage catalog you have an extensive collection of pendant lamps with industrial lampshades. We show you some models of lamps for your kitchen or living room country style charm. This type of luminaire can be manufactured with a methacrylate to diffuse the light and avoid glare and reflections on counters or kitchen islands.

If you want to emphasize the rustic touch, choose the Elvira vintage ceiling lamp, with a decorative industrial design and a rustic gold finish. For its part, the Blandina vintage ceiling lamp, with a similar design, has an elegant white finish with gold details to match the colors of Provence in your country charm kitchen. The Mari industrial pendant lamp is available in a cream color with gold details, so it fits very well with the beige and sand. Finally, we return to white with the Laura ceiling lamp, with a more subtle industrial design and smaller lampshade. If none of these vintage-industrial hanging lamps fit you, remember ask us for our complete catalog at We are sure to find the one that works best for your room and your style.

lampara colgante vintage techo dorado envejecido
Rustic pendant lamp Elvira - 01/C123
lampara de techo vintage campana blanca
Blandine dome ceiling lamp - 01/C077
lamparas de techo vintage colgante
Mari vintage ceiling lamp - 01/C257
lampara de techo vintage colgante
Laura white pendant lamp - 01/C215

We insist that lamps with natural fiber lampshades (enea, raffia, rattan, linen, rope, bamboo…) are a trend in interior design and lighting because they are made with ecological and durable materials. For a country charm style with rustic touches, at Luz Vintage we show you some of our lamps with lampshades made of fibers and natural materials.

The country charm Blas ceiling lamp is specially designed for large spaces as it measures up to one meter in diameter and is made entirely of natural cwicker. It is a very elegant lamp that matches very well with beige and cream tones. It captures all the freshness of the Provençal flower fields. The Eloise vintage pendant lamp with a simple design is made with white hessian fabric lampshade that allows to see the interweaving of threads, thus providing a very beautiful natural and artisan touch.

lamparas de techo vintage cesta de mimbre
Blas natural wicker lampshade pendant lamp - 01/C444
lampara colgante vintage para salón comedor
Pendant lamp burlap lampshade Eloisa - 01/C122

Finally, the Eitan vintage pendant ceiling lamp with a handmade thread lampshade and two light sources: one for general lighting and a reading light with a GU10 lampholder. In our store you will find this lamp with different textures and thread finishes. We recommend the beige and white lampshade for country charm lovers, but if you want a touch of color, choose the one with the orange thread details.

lamparas de techo vintage con pantalla de hilo de colores
Eitan white thread lampshade pendant lamp - 01/C514
lamparas de techo vintage pantalla de hilo
Eitan orange thread lampshade ceiling lamp - 01/C514

We associate classic fabric lampshade them with bedside lamps, but fabric lampshades are perfect for any type of lamp: ceiling lamps, wall sconces, table and floor lamps… as the essence of country charm is simplicity, we recommend using classic lampshade, in light colors and soft textures such as linen or camelot, if you want to give it a touch of color, try a black or gold trim. Remember that at Luz Vintage we are experts manufacturing lampshades, we can make the lampshade in the shape, size and fabric you want. Check it out on our website: made-to-measure lampshades.

Watch out! “classic” lampshade does not mean “outdated”. The wall lamps with fabric lampshades or the bedside table lamps are elegant and charming, the light colors of the fabrics convey harmony and create warm and welcoming atmospheres with all the essence of country charm.

In Luz Vintage catalogue, for example, Ileana articulated vintage wall sconces are perfect for a bedroom that seeks the calm and peace of country charm. The arm allows movments on the lampshade to find the best lighting. The wall light is available in beige polin fabric with black braid or in beige linen. It matches very well in rooms with wallpaper. The aged brass finish provides a very original rustic touch.

aplique de pared vintage country charm con pantalla de tela
Vintage wall lamps Ileana beige lampshade with ribbon - 01/A192
lampara de pared interior vintage con pantalla de lino para dormitorio
Vintage wall light Ileana beige linen lampshade - 01/A192

Deian wall light with fabric lampshade and reader spotlight is specially designed for those bedrooms looking for a touch of modernity: the lampshade is available in raffia fabric, to give it a more rustic finish, or in white linen, for the most classic. It has two light sources: the traditional lamp holder that works with an E27 LED bulb and the reading spotlight with integrated LED, which also makes it perfect for the bedroom. The white finish gives a very elegant touch.

apliques de pared vintage foco lector led
Wall light reading spotlight with raffia lampshade Deian - 01/A326
aplique de pared vintage pantalla de tela
Wall light reading spotlight with white linen lampshade Deian - 01/A326

For kitchens or hallways, if you are a lover of wall lamps with fabric lampshades, the Elma vintage wall lamp with two lampshades in camelot beige with golden ribbon will be beautiful in any room of a country charm house. For the bedroom, the Mihaela bedside table lamp with a very soft white lampshade and the elegant rustic touch of the brass effect finish on the base.

aplique de pared vintage interior dos pantallas tela elma
Vintage wall sconce with two camelot lampshade Elma - 01/A132
lamparas de mesa mesita de noche vintage con pantalla tela
Vintage bediside table lamp with white lampshade Mihaela - 01/M012

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