lámpara de techo vintage restaurante glaciar
Reform of the Glaciar restaurant in the Plaça Reial in Barcelona.

With almost a hundred years of history behind it and located in Barcelona’s Plaça Reial, the emblematic Glaciar coffee shop, included in the Inventari de Patrimoni Arquitectònic de Catalunya, began its new phase in the hands of partners Thaís Ivern and Javier Lluch with a renovation and refurbishment by the interior design studio Cris Cela Studio.
Considered a meeting point for authors and intellectuals of the second half of the 20th century, authors such as Gabriel García Márquez and Mario Vargas Llosa exchanged ideas at its tables.

Without losing the essence that made it one of the most emblematic coffee shops in Barcelona: in the Glaciar restaurant, noble materials such as dark wood and marble predominate. The floor retains a classic air with a dark green tile on the Venetian stucco wall, key to maintaining the vintage style. The bar counter, with an unusual snake shape and made of marble, is part of the iconic original furniture and, as such, remains completely intact after the renovation.
In terms of lighting, we opted for a clear vintage influence where warm light predominates with amber hues and a classic style with modernist and art-deco touches. Most of the luminaires are from our Luz Vintage collection, handcrafted by Dajor Iluminación.

restaurante glaciar foto de archivo 100 años historia
Glacier Bar. File photo

The ceilings are dominated by the Katalin pendant lamp, formed with a shade in opal white finish encased in an elegant crown in antique brass effect finish and art deco inspiration. The Katalin lampshade, along with the inner lampshade, act as a light diffuser to create this warm, modernist café atmosphere.

restaurante glaciar barcelona lamparas luz vintage
Katalin ceiling lamp in the Glaciar bar

To illuminate the bottle racks behind the counter, the Agilea wall sconces were installed, a piece of Vintage Light very representative of the modernist style: with a sinuous structure in an aged brass effect finish applied by hand and an opal white glass shade that acts as a diffuser so as not to generate annoying reflections on the bottles.

aplique pared vintage modelo agilea de luz vintage glaciar
Agilea wall sconce by Luz Vintage
Herena vintage wall sconce

We finished the lighting with the Herena wall sconces, a classic with the elegant touch of the Golden-age and imperial cut: a golden crown attached to a cascade of very elegant beige bangs.
Cris Cela Studio’s project has concluded with a renewed image of a historic local, but without losing the essence of its hundred years of life.

aplique de pared vintage modelo herena de luz vintage
Herena wall sconces - 01/A186
lampara de techo colgante vintage de luz vintage
Katalin pending lamp - 01/C211
aplique de pared vintage Agilea de la firma luz vintage
Agilea wall sconces - 01/A050

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