In this month’s post of Luz Vintage we talked about the versatility of linear lamps with integrated LED. They are used in many interior designs to illuminate restaurants, stairwells, tables… See below the projects with linear lamps of the lighting brand Luz Vintage and be inspired by other professionals.

Linear ceiling lights are a type of luminaire specially designed to illuminate spaces with an elongated surface such as dining tables, counters or bar counters. Lamps with integrated LEDs consume much less energy and are more durable and efficient.

Lámpara Sherezade en la iluminación de un restaurante/bar de Alicante
Sherezade pensant lamp
lámpara de techo para barra de restaurante vintage
Scheherazade lamp - El Clásico Restaurant

The Funky Chicken Restaurant in Alicante and El Clásico in Madrid have the Sherezade lamp by Luz Vintage to illuminate the bar of their restaurants and some of their tables.

In the first, the grille in brass effect finish of the lamp continues with a vintage style, elegant and bold, accompanied by dark tones and red LEDs to liven up the atmosphere of the bar. In the second case, however, the interior designers of Il Mio Design have managed to match the tone of the linear lamp perfectly with the elegance and design of the environment. Here we can see the versatility of this type of lamps.

Lámpara colgante horizontal de la marca de iluminación Luz Vintage
Vintage Light Linear Pendant Lamp - Sherezade

However, linear pendant lamps do not always have to be horizontal in order to illuminate a space such as a bar or a table. When they are placed vertically, as Quintana Partners does with the model María de Luz Vintage in the stairwell of one of its projects, they illuminate spaces providing design and warmth. They are lamps that combined with each other create a space of elegant vintage design. The same is achieved by the Pelusa Studio group in the staircase of this community of neighbors in Barcelona.

Proyecto de iluminación interiorismo con lámpara colgante modelo María
Quintana Partners project - Maria lamp
Lámpara colgante comunidad de vecinos
Pendant lamp in a community of neighbors

Moreover, there are linear lamps that in combination with materials such as metal in black finishes provide an industrial style design, more serious and ideal for restaurants and bars of other styles. This is what the PPT Interior Design group does with the Miren lamp of the Luz Vintage brand in the Debutis restaurant.

Lámpara diseño industrial Luz Vintage con led integrado
Debutis restaurant - Miren lamp

In summary, there are linear lamps with an infinite number of combinations. Depending on the material, finishes and format of the luminaire you can illuminate industrial, classic, modern or vintage style spaces. Without missing of course all the benefits of LED lighting, which tells us the blog of the store Llums Comarruga.

In Luz Vintage we are also professional lighting craftsmen. Therefore you can request for modification of finishes or measures to adjust the perfect lamp according to the needs of the project. Contact us via email to

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