Lamp trends for autumn/winter

Autumn is here and winter is fast approaching, that’s why at Luz Vintage we want to help you choose which luminaire will give light to your home in these cold times of the year with our definitive guide.

During this year 2023 the colours and vintage inspiration of the 70’s and 90’s are back, especially in lamps!


If you don’t want to miss the opportunity to be fashionable this year but you don’t want to make your own lamps either, don’t worry, you can count on Luz Vintage, where all our products are handmade. You can follow us on Instagram or Pinterest to follow the process of creating your lamp.

The colours

This year colours are back in force in interior design, if you want to give a cheerful touch to your home, the colours maroon and meadow green will be your best companions.


Just like the retro and vintage style of the 70’s, the rustic aesthetic is also making a comeback, a more minimalist style. Maybe it’s the weather or maybe it’s just fashion, but with these lamps and decorations we feel closer to nature than ever before.

Types of lamps

If until recently discreet bamboo or straw lamps were the norm, this year we are moving in the opposite direction, don’t expect to see a bulky pendant lamp.

We also have a new or not so new addition to these seventies trends, the Flowerpot style lamps are coming on strong, whether it’s a table lamp, pendant or wall light, you can’t miss one this new season.


Geometry is trending again in 2023 with crystal ball lamps or tube lamps. These lamps are ideal if you want them to be the deco object of the room.

Nor are trumpet-shaped lamps left behind, ideal for providing a more localised light.

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