Both the lighting and the decoration in a restaurant are so important to attract customers: they can make the difference between a group of friends coming to eat at your place or passing by because the aesthetics of the place “does not invite to enter”.

Of all the elements to be illuminated in a restaurant, the bar counter is one of the most important: the light will illuminate the drinks and food in a way to not disturbing or dazzling the customer or the waiter.

At Luz Vintage we suggest a few ideas to illuminate bar counters without losing the vintage style:

A Classic: metal lampshade in a dome shape

A classic of vintage and industrial-style: pendant lamps with metal lampshades. Placed at the right height and thanks to the dome shape, this lamps do not dazzling customers and waiters. They can be manufactured in an infinite number of sizes and colors, to match with the interior design.  Bulbs in view are perfect for you to place some beautiful vintage-style bulbs for decoration. Remember that the function of these lamps is to illuminate food and drink, and that it is very important to respect the natural color of the food as much as possible.

iluminacion vintage barras de bar
Red metallic lampshade pendant lamp
lamparas vintage doradas
White and gold metallic lampshade
lampara vintage color gris oscuro
Vintage ceiling lamp - model Vera
lampara de techo vintage color crema oro
Vintage ceiling lamp - model Mari

Glass balls lamps in high ceilings

If the bar has high ceilings, play with heights!  Hang vintage crystal ball ceiling lights at different heights. You can also play with the colors of the glass and the diameters of the balls. You will get very original lighting effects. Also, the glass acts as a diffuser of light so not dazzle. If that aspect still worries you, try using opal glass balls that will blur the light.

lampara vintage de bola de cristal
Vintage glass ball ceiling lamp - Calíope
lamparas vintage bolas de cristal
Vintage glass ball pendant lamp with meridians
lampara vintage bola de cristal
Vintage opal glass ball ceiling lamp - Caliope
lampara vintage de techo de cristal
Vintage transparent glass ceiling lamp model Idoia

Vintage wall sconces for the bottle rack

If you have a bottle rack behind the bar counter, light it up! Take advantage of it. Place a couple of vintage wall sconces on each side to highlight the color of the bottles. It will attract more attention and encourage the customer to have a last drink. Use indirect light to not dazzle. One solution is to place glass tube wall sconces, since being more elongated than the usual sconces they will be able to illuminate the bottle rack from top to bottom evenly.

aplique de pared para las botellas
Vintage wall lights with integrated LED
apliques de pared vintage
Vintage wall sconces in integrated bar counter
aplique de pared vintage led
Integrated LED vintage wall sconce - Elda
aplique vintage de pared
Vintage wall sconce with two porcelain lamp holders - Bera

Brass spotlight: a must in any Vintage design

Brass finish is the essence of Vintage style. The spotlights are used to create spot lighting along the entire bar counter, a very original idea to illuminate certain and puntual areas. Brass is an essential finish in any vintage-inspired design, as well as combining very well with an infinite number of tones and colors. If you are looking for discreet vintage lighting, take a chance on the brass spotlights suspended above the bar counter.

focos de laton estilo vintage
Vintage brass spotlights on a bar counter
focos de laton vintage
vintage brass ceiling lamps in a restaurant
lampara vintage foco laton
Brass Spotlight Hanging Ceiling Lamp - Fara
focos de laton vintage
Vintage brass spotlight ceiling lamp - Lorenza

Be original!

In this bar counter, for example, they  combined several of the previous tips: vintage pendant lamps with glass tube are a must-have decoration element in this set. The striped glass acts as a diffuser and the warm light does not dazzle the customer or the waiter despite being hung low. On the other hand, the mirror of the bottle rack serves as a light multiplier creating the same light effect that wall lights would create, highlighting the colors of the bottles. Likewise, the brass finish and the warmth of the LEDs accentuate the vintage touch.

lamparas de techo vintage cristal rayado
Vintage scratched glass ceiling lamps in a counter bar
lampara vintage cristal rayado
Vintage striated glass pendant lamp - Maria
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