Luz Vintage lamps appear as part of the atrezzo for the fifth season of “Las Chicas del Cable” (Cable Girls), specifically our vintage Gwendolyn crystal Wall Sconce. And it is that in a series with “such a vintage air” our lights could not be absent.


This vintage wall light appears in the first chapter of the fifth season as a bar lamp. This vintage lamp is made of a 30cm high brass structure that holds a series of striped glass tubes. It works with two vintage led bulbs that give it a cozy and warm touch, perfect as a decorative and ambient lamp.

aplique de pared vintage varillas de cristal
01/A170 - Vintage wall sconce Gwendolyn with scratched glass tubes
aplique de pared vintage tubos de cristal rayado
01/A170 - Vintage wall sconce Gwendolyn with scratched glass tubes

In this video you can see the lamps:

The combination of glass and brass rods is a very popular trend among vintage designers, because it creates a very original play of lights and shadows. Brass is also an essential in any vintage decoration, a finish that is very reminiscent of classic, elegance and beauty.

In our website, you can discover our complete collection of vintage wall sconces with glass rods or tubes! We show you some of our models:

This lamps is perfect for both vintage style decorations and industrial designs. Matte black is a very modern and trend finish that creates a very original combination with the gold finish (more classic). This lamp is ideal to place as a hall light or even as a kitchen lamp.

Aplique de pared vintage negro y dorado
01/A130 - black and gold vintage wall sconce Eliana
aplique de pared vintage tubo de cristal
01/A130 - black and gold vintage wall sconce Eliana

Choose the lamp that best suits the space you want to illuminate. Glass rods are another solution (like glass tubes) to create ambient and decorative light and an original play of lights, thanks to the distribution of the bulbs inside the wall light and the amber color of the light. The vintage led bulbs we use imitates the filament of traditional Edison bulbs.

aplique de pared vintage varillas de cristal
01/141 - Vintage wall sconce with glass rods - Ariel
aplique vintage de pared varillas de cristal
01/A141 - Vintage wall sconce with glass rods - Ariel
aplique de pared vintage bombillas vintage
01/A066 - Vintage wall sconce glass rods - Ariel

Industrial style wall lamp with glass rods

Some luminaires that work very well with the vintage and  industrial style lamps. Try these wall lights in an aged copper or brass finish, but with a shape that is very reminiscent of industrial or steam-punk designs. The lighting result will be very similar, since the ribbed glass rods will create the same light effect as the previous wall lights, ideal for ambient and decorative lighting.

Aplque de pared estilo industrial varillas de cristal
01/A023.2 - Vintage brass industrial style wall lamp
vintage copper and scratched glass wall sconce
01/A023.1 - Brass copper industrial style wall sconce

Although in “Las Chicas del Cable” the wall light has been used as ambient lighting for a bar, this type of lamp can be placed both in premises and in private residences. For example, as lamps in the kitchen or as dining room lamps to create a cozy atmosphere at dinners with friends or family. They can also be placed as bathroom lighting, on both sides of the mirror, thanks to the delicate light of vintage led bulbs, as a corridor lamp or even as a living room or living room light.

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