From Luz Vintage we present our new collection of vintage floor lamps. Exclusive lamp designs on our website that will be a trend in vintage lighting next season. Thanks to their height (180cm), Luz Vintage floor lamps are ideal for creating atmospheres, especially with vintage light bulbs with warm light to creat a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere.

lampara de pie vintage sun
Vintage floor lamp - Zenda
lampara de pie vintage moon
Vintage floor lamp - Marié
lampara vintage modelo earth
Vintage floor lamp - Andromeda

Vintage floor lamp Zenda is made with a metal ring that surrounds a visible light bulb, we can take advantage of this design to place a decorative vintage light bulb. Thanks to the LED technology, we can enjoy a vintage design bulb taking advantage of LEDs. This floor light is perfect for decorative lighting in a hallway.

lampara de pie vintage SUN
Vintage floor lamp Zenda - SKU: 01/P022
lampara vintage modelo sun
Vintage floor lamp with metal ring Zenda - 01/P022

Vintage floor disk lamp Marié has a brass disk that covers the light source. The position of the bulbs and the front disc in this vintage lamp create spectacular play of light and shadow against the wall, to create a cozy space. We could place this vintage floor light in a bedroom or in a reading corner. Floor lamps are especially useful to place next to a side table when there is not enough space for another type of lamp.

lampara de pie vintage moon
Vintage floor lamp with brass disk Marié - 01/P023
lampara de pie vintage moon
Vintage floor lamp Marié - SKU: 01/P023

Finally, the vintage floor lamp Andromeda, the visible bulb is crossed by two meridians. It is a combination of the two previous models: on the one hand, we can boast of a decorative bulb, since it is also visible, although without losing the play of light and shadow that occurs when light hits the meridians. This vintage floor lamp looks great in living rooms or dining rooms as a decorative light. It combines both in vintage decorations, as minimalist styles and even in an industrial design loft.

lampara vintage de pie EARTH
Vintage floor lamp with brass meridians Andromeda - 01/P021
Vintage Gold Floor Lamp with Brass Meridians - Andrómeda
Vintage flor lamp Andromeda - SKU: 01/P021

The possibilities of bulbs for these vintage floor lamps are very wide: in order to not to lose the vintage essence we can place an Edison LED bulb,  that is very reminiscent of traditional bulbs. Also, we can choose to place a vintage bulb with a golden dome, or even place special vintage bulbs such as diamond-shaped LED bulb or tube-shaped.

The entire collection of vintage floor lamps has a very vintage finish in an aged brass effect, although at Luz Vintage we can modify the finishes and the measurements of all our vintage lamps.

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