Recently at Luz Vintage we have added a lovely new collection of ceiling lamps. There are about 150cm long leads with four vintage pendant lamps to create an original and unique new pendant lamp, but, without leave vintage style and design of Luz Vintage.

The lead-lamp is in a matte black finish, and 150cm in length, with four opal glass balls with a diffuser in an aged brass finish. The glass balls act as a diffuser and emit a soft warm amber light ideal to create atmospheres of relaxation and complicity. This luminaire is ideal to place on bar counters or on diner tables.

aplique de pared regletas vintage bola de cristal
Vintage lead-lamp with blass balls by Luz Vintage - Dashiel SKU: 01/C469
dashiel regleta vintage de techo
Vintage glass ball strip pendant lamp with diffuser- Dashiel SKU: 01/C469

If you love lamps design with glass ball, but you do not have enough space to place a strip, in Luz Vintage you will find the same design in pendant lamp, wall light and ceiling lamp.

aplique de pared vintage de luz vintage
Vintage glass ball wall sconce - Liana
lampara de techo rosana de luz vintage
Vintage brass glass ceiling lamp - Rosana
plafón de techo vintage sira
Vintage brass glass ceiling lamp - Sira

A design more traditional but no less important: this 150cm strip-lamp holds four adjustable spotlights in an aged brass finish. A very recurring piece of lighting to solve technical lighting problems, but at the same time, thanks to the golden finish, this lamp also acts as elegant decorative lighting. This vintage lead pendant lamp is ideal for lighting large spaces such as restaurants, shops or retail, thanks to the mobility and orientation offered by the spotlights.

regleta vintage foco de latón dario
Regleta Vintage con focos de latón - Darío SKU: 01/C468
regleta vintage lampara de interior
Lámpara colgante vintage regleta con focos - Darío

The Darío luminaire is inspired by other classic Luz Vintage designs such as the Vidala ceiling light, made up of a single brass spotlight that can be placed both on the wall or in the ceiling. The Tea lamp, suspended with a rigid stem, or the Lorea pendant lamp, which hangs from a textile cable.

plafon de techo vintage focos de laton vidala
Vintage brass spotlight ceiling lamp - Vidala
lampara colgante focos de laton
Ceiling light with vintage spotlight in brass - Tea
lampara colgante vintage cilindro de laton
Brass spotlight with textile cable - Lorea

An original design which four black diabolo lampshades hang from the elegant gold finish strip. This lamp will attract all eyes and that is ideal to place on long dining tables, in restaurants on the diners’ table or the bar counter or even to light a corridor. The warm light will help create spaces for relaxation and comfort.

regleta vintage dabir luz vintage
Diabolo vintage pendant lamp - Dabir SKU: 01/C463
Lampara de techo vintage dabir regleta
Diabolo lampshade vintage pendant lamp- Dabir SKU: 01/C463

Best of all, you can combine this vintage ceiling lamp with matching wall sconces: take a look at our Bonnie indoor sconces, in a white, black or chrome finish. Remember that at Luz Vintage we adapt to your projects and we can modify the finishes of the lamps. Contact us at

aplique de pared vintage blanco
Vintage Wall Sconce Bonnie - matte white
Aplique de pared vintage bonnie negro
Vintage Wall Sconce Bonnie - matte black
aplique de pared vintage bonnie acero brillante
Vintage Wall Sconce Bonnie - shiny chrome
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