Vintage and industrial style are two styles very similar: vintage lamps in an industrial-style apartment or loft can bring a touch of elegance and warmth to a design characterized by rigid and cold materials.

Today in the Luz Vintage blog we show you some ideas and tips to light an industrial-style apartment.

Amneris is a vertical indoor wall light made up of golden cylinders and powered by an included warm LED strip. If you have a kitchen with windows for natural light, vintage wall sconces will be of great help to complement that lighting.

cocina vintage luz vintage
Vintage kitchen lighted with Amneris wall sconce
aplique de pared vintage amneris de luz vintage
Golden vintage wall light with LED included - Amneris by Luz Vintage

The matte gold finish add a touch of warmth and will look great with dark wood floors, which is a very original way to illuminate a kitchen. Place the wall lights at a certain height so that they do not dazzle you and focus directly on the food. This tip is also useful if you have the kitchen integrated into the living room.

Illuminate a bathroom with elegance is not incompatible with having a practical and functional lighting. The vintage wall sconces with rod and glass tubes are a ideal solution to illuminate toilets, mirrors and bathrooms. The glass serves as a light diffuser and does not reflect or dazzle in the mirror.

aseo vintage iluminacon con luz vintage
Vintage restroom with Ceres wall sconce by Luz Vintage
aplique de interior vintage Ceres cromado de Luz Vintage
Vintage interior wall light Ceres in chrome finish

The Ceres vintage wall sconce by Luz Vintage has a modern chrome finish, matching with the colors and materials typical of the industrial style. Another option is, as in the photograph, to combine this type of interior wall lamp with a classic design bathroom. The contrast will give a very original touch to the bathroom. In addition, these wall lights are very good illuminating round, square or rectangular mirrors.

Industrial-style apartments are characterized by being rather small, so, the challenge is how to take advantage of the space. If you have a habit of reading in bed, the Malva table lamp into the bedside is in elegant gold and black finish, small and take up little space. It is equipped with a ball joint and an adjustable spotlight to direct and adapt the light to your needs.

lampara de mesa malva de luz vintage acabado laton
Vintage bedroom illuminated with Malva table lamp by Luz Vintage
lampara de mesa vintage modelo malva de Luz Vintage
Vintage Malva Table Lamp in Black and Brass Finish by Luz Vintage

The black finish and aged brass are a very elegant as well as modern color combination: the black matches very well with the sobriety, the materials and the urban-industrial design, while the gilding of the brass gives a touch of warmth and vintage class to decoration. It is important to choose the light in your bedroom correctly, to invite you to relaxation and disconnection.

There is usual in industrial-style to see ceiling lamps in the shape of a dome, a type of luminaire that works very well with materials such as exposed brick. The finish in red or any more clear color, will add a touch of color to a style characterized by brown and gray tones.

lampara de techo vintage acabado rojo
Bar counter in a restaurant illuminated with vintage lamps by Luz Vintage
lampara de techo vintage cocina Ted
Vintage ceiling lamp with red lampshade model Ted by Luz Vintage

Place Ted, the red dome ceiling lamp by Luz Vintage in the living room, or if you have an open-kitchen, hang-it nicely over the bar, counter or kitchen island.

You can find all these lamps in our online store Luz Vintage. Remember that, if you need advice with your lighting project, we will be happy to help you: Write us at

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