In the world of lighting, the choice between warm and cool light can make a big difference to the atmosphere in your home. If you are looking for a cosy and relaxing atmosphere, warm light is the perfect choice. At Luz Vintage we manufacture all luminaires with LED technology and warm light to achieve this harmony.

In this article, we will explore three solid arguments that will help you understand why warm light is the ideal choice to create an intimate and comfortable environment in your space:

Cosy and relaxing environment

Table lamp Garret - Luz Vintage

One of the most compelling arguments for choosing warm light is its innate ability to create a cosy and relaxing atmosphere. This lighting is soft, pleasing to the eye and emits a hue similar to candlelight. This makes it the perfect choice for those times when you are looking for an intimate and comforting corner of your home.

Warm light is ideal for spaces where you want to relax, such as the bedroom, where you can incorporate the perfect Garret table lamp. You can use vintage lamps with warm light bulbs to accentuate this ambience, providing a sense of wellbeing and tranquillity that invites you to unwind and relax.

Visual break

Warm light is less intense than cold light, making it an excellent choice for visual relaxation. If you spend time in reading areas or watching TV, this is the optimal choice to reduce eyestrain and create a more peaceful environment.

The soft, golden light of a floor lamp with warm light provides even, relaxing illumination that doesn’t strain the eyes. It is perfect for enjoying a good book or a movie without straining your eyes, allowing you to fully relax.

Floor lamp Elín - Luz Vintage
Floor lamp Dustin - Luz Vintage

Highlight decorative details

Warm light is not only cosy, it is also an effective tool to highlight decorative details in your home. Its soft hue enhances the texture and colours of furniture, artwork and decorative elements.

Whether you want to highlight a piece of art in your living room or bring out the details of your vintage furniture, warm light can help you achieve this. In addition, warm lighting combines perfectly with vintage lamps, as in Dajor’s lighting project for the  Room Mate Hotel in Istambul.

Atenea wall sconces for Dajor project

En resumen, la elección de una luz cálida para tu iluminación no solo aporta calidez y confort visual, sino que también crea un ambiente acogedor y relajante en tu hogar. Si buscas una tienda de lámparas que ofrezca una amplia variedad de opciones de iluminación cálida, asegúrate de explorar nuestras opciones de lámparas en our catalogue. Warm light doesn’t just illuminate your spaces, it also illuminates your moments, giving you the homey feeling you crave. Check out our blog for all the latest lighting trends.

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