If you live in a small flat, you know that the right lighting can make a big difference to the perception of space. In this article, we’ll introduce you to brilliant ideas for lighting your small flat with Luz Vintage lamps, and make it feel more spacious. 


Recessed lights are a valuable resource for lighting a small flat. These lights are installed in the ceiling and provide direct, shadow-free illumination, such as the Ilidia spotlight. By eliminating unnecessary shadows, downlights help rooms appear larger and more open.

Install these lamps in strategic locations, such as on the ceiling or in built-in furniture, to give a sense of continuity in lighting.

Idilia spotlight - Luz Vintage

Effects of multiple light sources

lampara de mesa en laton charles de luz vintage
Table lamp Charles
Pendant light Cooper
aplique de pared estilo camerino en color negro
Wall light Liria

Depending on a single light source can create shadows that make a small flat feel even more cramped. Instead, use multiple light sources strategically distributed throughout the space. Incorporated wall lamps, floor lamps and table lamps to achieve a balance of light throughout the room.

Wall lamps provide soft, ambient lighting, while floor and table lamps can direct light where you need it most. For even more control, use dimmable bulbs or lamps with different light intensities. This combination of light sources and dimming will allow you to tailor the lighting to your activities and create a more spacious and comfortable environment.

High and narrow lamps

Choosing tall, narrow lamps is an effective strategy to give your small flat a more spacious feel. These lamps add vertical lines to the space, which draws the eye upwards and creates an illusion of a higher ceiling. This, paired with a minimalist design such as the opal white ball of the Yune lamp, helps to make the room feel more spacious. 

Look for slim floor lamps with small bases to avoid taking up too much floor space. Place them strategically in corners or next to furniture to maximise vertical space.

lampara de pie con bola de cristal opal minimalista
Floor lamp Yune

The right lighting can completely transform the perception of a small flat. In the Luz Vintage online shop, you will find everything from downlights that eliminate shadows to the incorporation of multiple light sources and the choice of tall, narrow lamps.

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