We love being trending in design and decoration, but it is true that, for our home or business, we like to find furniture and lighting enduring over time, but, always, with a trendy touch.

Today, at Luz Vintage, we explain some of interior design and lighting styles that endures over time and we recommend some design lamps to illuminate your home or business.

It appears at the United States in the eighties from young  and bohemians artists who moved to live in abandoned factories in New York. This is where comes from the loft open space concept. Open and continuous spaces: materials such as bricks predominate in this style. In lighting, stand out “barber’s wall lights” (vertical wall lights with rods or glass tubes) and lamps with dome-shaped metal lampshades.

It is a cold style, but over the years, it has changed and today we find warm and cozy industrial-style apartments and restaurants.

resturante barcelona estilo industrial con lámparas luz vintage
Industrial design restaurant with brick wall and dome lampshade pendant lamps

At Luz Vintage we recommend those ceiling lamps and wall sconces to illuminate with industrial design. You can complement this lighting with warm Led strips hidden behind the furniture.

Take a look at Malena ceiling lamps, Elvira pendant lamp and Dídac wall sconces in an aged brass finish to illuminate with an industrial style, providing a touch of warmth.

lampara colgante industrial dorado envejecido
Elvira pendant lamp - 01/C123
aplique pared estilo industrial dorado
Didac wall sconce - 01/A336
lampara de techo industrial vintage azul
Malena pendant lamp - 01/C277

Art Decó returns for lovers of the classics. This movement emerged as a current of French modernism in the fifties of the twentieth century. This interior design stands out for its luxury and elegance, but also as a symbol of rebellion. It was typical of the upper classes and aristocracy. It predominate sinuous and geometric shapes, leather, advertising and movie posters and plants and animals prints.

In lighting, it predominates lamps with glass balls or lamps with opal glass lampshades. These are luminaires that, with care, are so long-lived. Prevail geometric and sinuous tulips, with special shapes, also with reliefs of floral motifs. The white finish of the glass allows light to pass through in a subtle way, creating cozy and warm spaces. The metallic finishes in gold or aged brass provides an elegance synonymous with luxury according to the fifties values.

restaurante vintage con aplique art deco
Art-decó wall sconces of Luz Vintage in a restaurant

At Luz Vintage you will find a wide collection of lighting products and lamps. We present Eli ceiling lamp with glass lampshade, Elías pendant lamp and Elián ceiling lamp with hexagonal glass lampshade.

lamparas techo colgante luz vintage
Art-deco glass lampshade pendant lamp - Elías
lampara de techo tulipa cristal hexagonal
Hexagonal lampshade pendant lamp - Elián
lampara de techo colgante deco
Glass lampshade art-deco pendant lamp - Elías

It arrived like a trend a few seasons ago and since then it has stayed, establishing itself as one of the fashionable interior designs. Born in the Nordic countries,to attract natural light as much as possible. It is common to find large bare windows to capture as much sun light and warmth as possible. It predominates white tones, normally complemented by beige, earth and gray. Light wood is the main element of decoration, to provide warmth without losing light. Following this line, it is very common to find candles and DIY furniture as a decorative element and natural plants to add some color.

In lighting, prevail warm whites and warm LED, but without abusing (between 2700 – 3000k). It is trendy to mix contradictory styles such as industrial and Scandinavian. Lamps with metal domes in white and cream colors, as well as lamps made of wood or natural fibers will be the protagonists in your Nordic decoration.

apliques de pared dormitorio estilo nordico
Wall sconces in a Nordic-style dining room

At Luz Vintage we have a wide collection of Nordic and Scandinavian style and design lamps, today we present Bruno wall sconces with wooden slats, Safira ceiling lamp white with a metal dome and Amarilis wall sconce in a finished matte white.

lampara de techo nordica blanca
Nordic style pendant lamp - Safira
aplique de pared nordico madera
Wooden Nordic-style wall sconces - Bruno
aplique de pared blanco amarilis leroy merlin
Mate white wall sconces - Amarilis

Vintage style doesn’t means “filling your house with objects and furniture from the fifties”. It is more “a nod” to the designs of the past. The vintage style is elegant, warm and romantic. It predominates neutral tones gray, beige… and aged metals: gold, brass, copper, bronze and even silver. It also predominates straight, sharp lines and natural materials.

In lighting, stand out metal lamps in an aged finish, the aged brass effect provides elegance. The “barbershop wall sconces” and lamps with glass balls, both transparent and opal. Also, very warm color temperatures: between 2200k – 2700k to provide warmth. Currently there are vintage LED bulb designs that imitate the old filament bulbs, but with all the advantages of LED technology.

restaurante luz vintage estilo vintage
Vintage-style restaurant with lamps by Luz Vintage

At Luz Vintage we are experts in vintage lamps and lighting and we have a more than extensive and complete collection of lamps: the greatest lamp, Matilda ceiling lamp, a round lamp with vintage light bulbs and the most elegant glass tubes. Christopher table lamps in different sizes and elegant matte brass finish and Edwin vintage wall sconces with an opal glass ball and antique brass diffuser.

lamparas de mesa vintage doradas
Integrated LED table lamp - Christopher
lampara de techo round matilda
Glass tubes vintage pending lamp - Matilda
aplique de pared vintage bola cristal opal
opal glass wall vintage wall sconce - Edwin

Born in the sixties and seventies in contrast to the colorful pop-up style. It is based on straight lines and neutral and sober colors such as beige and gray complemented with white. The motto is “less is more”: to introduce as few decorative elements as possible. It is the ideal style for people who like calm and simplicity.

aplique de pared eliana pantalla a medida de lino
American wall lamp with linen lampshade and black trim

In lighting, stand out the simple lamp designs with smooth finishes in neutral tones. Lucia ceiling lampBentley wall light and Nancy table lamp with a fabric shade are some of the minimalist lighting we offer at Luz Vintage.

aplique de pared minimal con led
Minimal wall sconce in black - Bentley
lampara de techo minimalista vintage
Minimal ceiling lamp with vintage bulbs - Lucía
lampara de mesa led integrado estilo nordico
Wireless minimal table lamp- Nancy

All these lamps are available in our online store www.luzvintage.es with special prices for professionals. Ask your questions at info@luzvintage.es. Luz Vintage, lamp shop experts in vintage lighting.

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