Lamps, furniture and accessories made of natural fibres are trendy in decoration and interior design. The luminaires craft made with natural materials are much more ecological conventional lamp. With proper cleaning they can be as durable as a regular lamp.

At Luz Vintage we prepared for you a collection of boho-vintage craft hand lamps with coloured threads lampshade. Colours white and hazelnut are base tones. Luz Vintage lamps with thread lampshade reflect calm and serenity. They combine very well in open spaces with white furniture and wicker accessories.

Remember that at Luz Vintage we are experts manufacturing lamps. We can manufacture this collection of lamps with colours that you want.

This vintage pendant lamp in the shape of a cone and has a diameter of 45cm. With ethnic inspiration, this light is ideal for placing in halls or open dining rooms with lots of natural light. The lampshade is made in two colours, with a strip in the lampshade: it is available in white, beige and orange lampshade. Also, with thread lampshade in coloured squares.

lampara de techo pantalla de hilos marrón y blanca
Pendant ceiling lamp Eitan - 01/C514
lampara de techo vintage hilos naranjas
Pendant lamp Eitan - 01/C514
lampara luminaria vintage bombillas led
Colored threads lamphade lamp Eitan - 01/C514

This ceiling lamp has a geometric shape in an eclectic and modern design. It is available in four models of two and three thread colors that include decorations in stripes and squares. The combination of strong colors (reds, blues and pinks) with the softer ones (white, beige, pink…) creates an authentic and original designs ideal or decorations that mix different styles without losing softness and subtlety.

lampara colgante luz vintage hilos
Thread lamp Elan - 01/C516
luminaria vintage pantalla hilos franja roja
Colored threads lampshade ceiling lamp - 01/C516
lampara de techo octogonal hilos de colores
Colored threads geometric pendant lamp - 01/C516

This pendant lamp from Luz Vintage collection of vintage lamps with a handmade thread lampshade has a slightly flattened shape. The threads leave holes at the height of the lamp holders to let the light through. It produces a very pleasant warm light, perfect for creating comfortable spaces. Besides, thanks to the holes in the lampshade, it produces an original play of light and shadow. This luminaire, and all of Luz Vintage, work with LED technology, which is much more efficient, and durable than the usual incandescent light.

lamparas de techo iluminacion vintage
Flat lampshade vintage lamp - 01/C517
lamparas y luces de techo vintage
boho threads lampshade pendant lamp - 01/C517
lamparas de techo vintage luz vintage
Eladi pendant lamp - 01/C517

Similar to the Eladi pendant lamp but in its ceiling version. The hand-made thread lampshade can be ordered in the colors required. Just like the Eladi lamp, it has holes in the lampshade to let light in and create a warm and pleasant atmosphere. We recommend the use of very warm light bulbs (between 2,200k – 2,700k), to get a cozy and calm ambient. It is a vintage ceiling lamp made for open spaces and for chic, boho or ethnic designs.

lampara techo empotrable de luz vintage
Vintage ceiling lamp Elgar - 01/PL084
plafon de techo vintage pantalla hilos
threads lampshade ceiling lamp Elgar - 01/PL084

All these lamps are waiting for you in our online store: to light your projects.

Remember that at Luz Vintage we are experts in vintage lamps, so we can modify the finish and the measurements of all the luminaires in our catalogue. We always recommend the use of LED bulbs for all the energy efficiency advantages. If you have any questions or need advice, our team of experts will be happy to help you, you can by email:

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