Raffia is a textile element, it is typical of rustic and vintage decorations, as well as being a fabric that provides warmth and creates cozy and pleasant atmospheres and environments. For this reason, raffia is a textile that, although it goes very well in rustic design, it also combines perfectly with vintage style: sometimes, a vintage decoration can seem cold and apathetic, but adding some detail in raffia will create a warm and homely space.

At Luz Vintage we show you some vintage style lamps with raffia fabric lampshades and how to include them in your room:

The amber tones of the raffia matches with exotic and boho decorations: for example, on a wall in Caribbean blue tones or in an Amazon-themed restaurant.

Vintage lamp raffia-bali lampshade model Eloisa
Rustic ceiling lamp handmade raffia lampshade

This same lamp with cotton fabric, but in a sandy tone, matches with decorations of light colors (white, beige …) or darker (amber, brown …)
For example, as in this restaurant where the bar counter has been lit with amber and opal glass ball lamps and the dining area with white raffia lamps.

Vintage restaurant in Madrid with Vintage lamps by Luz Vintage

Raffia fabric can be applied to all types of lamps and can be adapted to different shapes, for example: in floor lamps, pagoda lampshades, corsets or domes.

Vintage restairante with raffia lampshade in a dome shape by Luz Vintage

To complement your raffia lamp, add an imitation filament LED bulb with the amber glass: taking advantage  of LED technology without losing the vintage aesthetic. The bulb will be an extra warmth and will project a very pleasant light effect through the raffia fabric.
If the raffia fabric is not enough for you to provide  warmth to the vintage decoration: metals in an aged brass finish are also a good solution, as well as very common elements of the vintage style.

Vintage pagoda ceiling lamp - Jasmina
Vintage cotton lampshade wall sconce - Karina
Vintage table lampp with raffia lampshade - Nadia
Rustic-bali lampshade in vintage wall sconce - Karina
rustic pendant lamp with raffia-bali lampshade - Eloisa
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