This original ceiling lamp design will not leave anyone indifferent: Cael is a ceiling lamp that combines modernity with classic vintage elegance.

Vintage chandelier with glass balls Cael - 01/C449
lampara de techo vintage cael
Vintage chandelier with glass balls Cael - 01/C449

With a design inspired by the traditional chandelier with an elegant golden finish, but, instead of the classic arms with candles, typical of 18th century lamps, at Luz Vintage we have replaced them with crystal balls in smoked amber finish. Cael vintage ceiling lamp is available in two versions, a smaller one with six arms or another with eight larger arms.

This vintage lamp has been trend for several seasons, not only because of its unique and original design, but also because of the multitude of options to customize it. With two meters long and suspended by forging chains, which provide a very original look, this lamp is ideal for rustic and vintage designs. The Gisela luminaire is assembled with sixteen E27 lampholders, which means sixteen possibilities to customize the lamp using vintage bulbs. Vintage bulbs offer a million shapes and sizes: from Edison bulbs, standard, giant, or specially shaped like diamond or stars.

luminaria vintage bombillas vintage viga de madera
Wooden beam pendant lamp Gisela - 01/C153
luz vintage lampara viga de madera gisela
Synthetic wooden beam Vintage ceiling lamp - 01/C153

Synthetic wood is another great advantage of this lamp, as, it is ligher than solid wood. Therefore, it is very easy to install and greater security. This vintage lamp is made of a durable material that is resistant to dust and corrosion. At Luz Vintage we always recommend the use of LEDs in bulbs, it is a more sustainable, durable and efficient than incandescent light.

Undoubtedly one of the most interesting pendant lamps by Luz Vintage is this round ceiling lamp. The symmetrical design distributes light it evenly throughout the room. It has an elegant shiny gold finish and is suspended on a chain.

lampara vintage techo dorada tubos cristal matilda
Vintage golden ceiling lamp round Matilda - 01/C263
lampara techo vintage matilda luz vintage
Vintage ceiling lamp with glass tubes Matilda - 01/C263

Matilda is a vintage lamp for restaurants and bars, since the uniform way in which it distributes the light makes it perfect to illuminate all areas of the dining room equally, without generating shadows. The glass tubes, located on the side and at the bottom of the lamp, gently filter the light so that it does not alter the color of the dishes.

It is a ceiling lamp made with ethnic and boho style fabric, in beige tones with chocolate-colored fringes, which offers a very pleasant warm lighting. The reflected fabric produces an amber light reminiscent of African sunsets. This vintage luminaire matches very well with grays, indigos and materials such as granite or wood, in this way it will highlight the light and the amber colors of the lamp.

iluminacion vintage luz vintage
Vintage ceiling lampshade pagoda Jasmina - 01/C203
lampara techo vintage pantalla pagoda
Vintage ceiling lamp lampshade pagoda boho Jasmina - 01/C203

With Jasmina, you will find a very original way to light a dining table, a restaurant or a kitchen. Boho is a very balanced style, which produces calm, serenity and peace.

Undoubtedly one of the most elegant Luz Vintage lamps of the season, with a design inspired by the golden twenties, Rosaura is characterized by the stylized silhouette in the shape of a corset with a fringed trim. A combination of sobriety and ease: the shape of the lampshade remember to noble dresses, in contrast to the fringes, more common in Charleston party dresses, a more rebellious and fun style.

luminaria vintage de techo colgante
Vintage corset ceiling lamp Rosaura - 01/C337
lampara colgante vintage rosaura
Vintage ceiling lamp with fabric lampshade with fringes Rosaura - 01/C337

Rosaura is a vintage lamp made for high ceilings, thanks to its 90cm, but despite its size, it is not an ostentatious lamp, rather it balances the design very well to create elegant but not overloaded spaces.

With this name, Diana could only belong to the royalty of enlightenment. You can see Diana ceiling lamp illuminating large areas of restaurants and department stores. With an impeccable design in gold and an infinity of glass tubes that are in charge of creating this original play of lights that characterizes this luminaire.

lampara vintage techo diana
Vintage ceiling lamp with gold finish Diana- 01/C111
lampara de techo vintage diana
Vintage ceiling lamp with crustal tubes Diana - 01/C111

It works great with warm bulbs to create relaxing atmospheres. Given its measurements (150cm in length) it is clear that it is not a luminaire made for small spaces, but it is not incompatible with lighting a dining table, since it is only 25cm high, therefore, it can be placed in low ceilings: Diana It is not just a lamp, it is a piece of decoration that will capture the attention of any guest. The play of lights and glass provides a very sophisticated and elegant touch.

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