LED technology has many more advantages than usual incandescent light. But if you are still not convinced, at Luz Vintage we offer you some tips so that you can opt for LED bulbs and show that they are not incompatible with an elegant vintage design:

1. LED bulbs or LED strips are much more efficient and sustainable than incandescent bulbs. They do not use mercury or gases that are harmful to the environment. It allows significant energy savings (up to 80%) and a very long useful life of between 20,000 to 50,000 hours (between 3 – 6 years approx.)

In addition, LED bulbs are no longer more expensive than incandescent bulbs and fits perfectly in old lamp holders. At Luz Vintage we have standard bulbs, of different globe sizes, the traditional Edison in its LED and candle and spherical bulbs for the smaller lamps. In E27 and E14 lamp holder.

aplique de pared vintage arán
Wall light with Vintage filament LED globe bulb and golden dome - Arán
plafon techo vintage dorado
Vintage ceiling light with Vintage filament LED bulb - Tina

2. It is safer than incandescent lamp: LED bulb technology operates on low-voltage direct current, which greatly reduces household accidents and unexpected electrical shocks.

They produce very little heat, as they are designed with a heatsink that prevents overcharging.

aplique de pared vintage selma
Vintage wall / ceiling lamp with Vintage globe LED filament bulb - Selma

3. It is very versatile: the LED is manufactured in bulbs, LED strips, chips or is directly integrated into the luminaire. (At Luz Vintage we have a wide collection of vintage wall sconces and pendant lamps with integrated LED). It is also suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

aplique de pared vintage margot
Indoor wall light with integrated 9W warm LED strip - Margot
aplique vintage ioana
Vintage wall light with integrated 12W LED strip - Ioana

Dimmable LED bulbs, for example, have a built-in dimmer that allows you to control the intensity of the light to create warmer, more relaxing or intimate environments.

4. They are not incompatible with an elegant and vintage design. There are LED bulbs of all sizes and designs: with the standard shape of a lifetime, the vintage Edison edition, globe, candle or even special shapes such as diamond or star. In Luz Vintage you will find vintage bulbs with very original designs or with a gold or silver dome to diffuse the light. In fact, vintage LED filament bulbs offer a wide range of lighting and decorative possibilities.

bombilla diamante led vintage
Vintage LED diamond bulb E27 6W
bombilla vintage cupula dorada
Gold Dome LED Globe Vintage Light Bulb 6W
bombilla globo led estandar
Large Size Vintage LED Light Bulb 5W

​5. Another advantage of LED bulbs transmits light evenly in all directions. As the light emission is constant it avoids flickering. In addition, they are much more accurate reproducing the tone or color of light. With color rendering indexes above 80-90 CRI.​

* The color rendering index: is the measure used to measure the ability to display colors of a light source. It takes sunlight as a reference and ranges from 0 – 100. The higher the value, the more it resembles natural light.
aplique de pared rueda vintage
Wago wheel wall light with Vintage golden LED bulb - Adal
plafon techo vintage blanco tarcisa
Parabola ceiling light with Vintage golden LED bulb - Tarcisia

If you have any questions about lighting or LED bulbs, we will be happy to advise you. Write to info@luzvintage.es or send us a WhatsApp at +34 633 027 260.

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