We all know that, in vintage lighting, one of the finishes preferred by everyone is aged brass: a classic that stands out for its elegance and its ability to fit into any space. Today at Luz Vintage, your vintage lighting store, we show you how to illuminate walls with our collection of Vintage wall sconces for paintings.

This Daida vintage brass wall sconce  has a smooth curved shape that fits very well to create atmospheres of calm. Similarly, this original shape gives it a modern touch, a  combination with contemporary and a vintage brass finish. As experts in vintage lighting, we recommend that you place this wall light in the living room or as vintage hallway lighting. Also bet to use it as an office or office lamp, and thus be able to illuminate your diplomas and academic achievements.

Lámpara vintage ilumina cuadros - Daida
Ages brass vintage wall sconce Daida
Aplique de pared vintage dorado
Ages brass vintage wall sconce Daida

It is just as important, in these cases, to know “which picture” we are going to illuminate, taking advantage of the curved shapes; a safe bet is to place a picture of sinuous lines underneath to help convey the feeling of calm. You can also add a white-on-black photo or classic painting to reinforce the vintage design feel. If you like taking risks, place a modern art painting to create an original contrast.

This Maitane vintage wall light in brass finish is very original thanks to its hexagonal geometric shapes. It works with four E27 threaded LED bulbs. It is a large wall lamp (60cm in length) which makes it ideal for lighting large paintings or large decorations. Thanks to its ball joint, it allows the light to be directed forward, downward or backward. The geometric shape will provide extra originality to your design.

aplique de pared ilumina cuadros vintage
Aged brass geometric vintage wall sconce Maitane
Aplique de pared vintage modelo maitane
Aged brass geometric vintage wall sconce Maitane

A bet on a classic, in our vintage lighting store you have available some classic and vintage design wall sconce model Amarilis in brass finish. You can place this lamp as an exhibition light in a gallery, we have it available in different sizes to adapt to all the decorations or paintings that you want to illuminate. The aged brass finish provides a sublime retro touch. These vintage lamps are reminiscent of that of the offices and banks of the twenties, their elegance and class. Ideal to combine with materials such as black marble or dark woods.

aplique de pared vintage ilumina cuadros clásico -Amarilis
Aged brass classic vintage wall sconce Amarilis
aplique de pared vintage iluminacuadros clasico
Aged brass classic vintage wall sconce Amarilis

Vintage classic wall sconces. Think in black!

If the brass finish doesn’t convince you, think in black! At Luz Vintage, your vintage lighting and retro lighting store, we have Amarilis, Maitane and Daida illuminated paintings in black and in different sizes. The matte and textured black is not as vintage a finish as brass, but it conveys seriousness and sobriety, and gives a more modern touch than brass. It combines the illuminates black vintage paintings on a white background and in minimalist decorations.

Aplique de pared vintage
Black vintage wall sconce in geometric shape Maitane
aplique de pared vintage iluminacuadros negro
Black Vintage wall sconce Daida by Luz Vintage
aplique de pared vintage amarilis negro
Classic black vintage wall sconce Amarilis
alumbra cuadros negro luz vintage
Classic black vintage wall sconce Amarilis

Place a picture or a painting of bright color underneath, this way the colors will stand out more. Play with the styles: after the seriousness and classicism of the shapes of the vintage painting lights, place a painting in an abstract, cubist or avant-garde style. You can also use them to illuminate furniture or cabinets.

detalle de iluminacuadros negro
Amarilis classic vintage wall sconces in black and brass finish lighting paintings and cabinets
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